4 Ways Parents Unintentionally Hurt Their Children

  1. Pushing their kids to go to college (often their alma mater or somewhere more prestigious). This teaches kids to give up control of their life because you planned it all out for them -> often leads to depression and hopelessness.
  2. Letting them live in the house after high school/18 years old without paying rent, phone bills, or car insurance. This situation gives kids the incentive that it's okay to keep taking without giving, because they can get away with it and what's the rush? Everything is paid for, and there's no hurry to get a job if you have a nice bed and things to come back home to.
  3. Getting too involved with every facet of their lives. This suffocates kids who want to learn how to be their own person. They're so influenced by your expectations of them, they don't feel the freedom to experiment with different things.
  4. Not getting involved enough to start a dialogue. Because some parents are so lenient with things, they avoid conflict with their children. This leads to no problems being solved, and a lack of communication that can last years.