How to Find Your Hidden Passions

The best moments seem surreal.

I was at work earlier this month, doing some emails for a client when I decided to check Facebook. I scrolled down and saw a video of mine that I had edited for another client and I was shocked.

I saw this:

Nearly half a million views.

Nearly half a million views.

Needless to say, I was shocked at how crazy this video performed. Not because I didn't know it was a good video, but because it actually happened.

I never thought I would be good at creating viral content for social, yet here's an evidence point to prove that. I didn't even think about this stuff 1 year ago.

It led me to learn this lesson: you need evidence points to build confidence and find out what you're good at.

You hear a lot of adults tell kids things like:

  • find who you are!
  • just do your passion
  • have confidence!

... but these are all empty statements if you don't know who you are.

You haven't tested yourself out when you're 20 years old.

You don't know what your passions could be because you've barely done anything in the professional world. Imagine going through life "thinking" you want to be a lawyer because you saw them on TV at an early age.

You do law school for 8 years and thousands of dollars and then find out you hate it.

Why? Because you never tested out whether you actually like the day-to-day of being a lawyer -- something you could've easily tested out by doing a short-term internship.

Let's talk about hidden passions.

You might love scuba-diving enough to teach it, but you didn't give it a try until 35 years old. It was a hidden passion -- something you didn't know you liked, until you tried it.

Think of all of the hidden passions you could have in this world.

It's so easy to think we know ourselves in our 20s but the truth is, we only know about 20% of who we really are.

The hidden passions we've yet to discover are still out there, and it only comes through testing your interests and trying new things.

You have to find new evidence points to find out what you like.