It Does No Good To Complain Without Action

The world is unfair.

Someone’s out to get me.

Systemic oppression is stopping me from doing X.

Whether these theories are true or not, it does no good to just complain about how everything sucks. What do you do under those conditions to thrive? What have other successful people who started in your circumstances done?

Yes, I’m an Asian American. How can I use my that to my advantage?

Yes, I look perpetually young and some business people don’t take me seriously. How can I use that to my advantage?

Yes, I’m 5’4", pretty short by American standards. How can I use that to my advantage?

Successful people push on regardless of these perceived excuses. Maybe the world is unfair towards a certain type of person. What good does it do to complain about it while doing the same thing day in day out?

Accept what you can’t change and innovate based on your conditions.