June 2017 Update

1. Jumpcut Academy (YouTube)

As of May 1, I had 41 subscribers. As of June 1, I have 52 subscribers.

That’s in an increase of 11 subscribers. Not something to write home about, but an improvement is an improvement. Now it’s time to iterate on what went right, and get better. This month’s goal is to get 250 subscribers.

2. KIZEN Powerbuilding

Last month, I was traveling through 4 different states, so I got through Week 1 of the program, but I couldn’t keep up with trying to find a free gym while I was traveling. Day passes for gyms are just too expensive. So I ate my Chicago deep dish pizza and vowed that next month will be different!

That’s why this month in June, I will be committing to “no-days-off”. I’m aiming to complete up to Week 5 of the program by the end of this month. So far, it’s been amazing. The habit of going to the gym every single day is a great feeling.

I think what intimidates others from doing this is thinking they have to go in for like 2 hours every day, when that’s simply not the case.

You can come in for 20-60 minutes depending on what your workout is for the day. Maybe some days you do bodybuilding, while others you do HIIT or yoga.

3. How to Thrive Without College

No ifs, ands, or buts -- I'm releasing this next week.

4. Starting a Business

I’m in the early process of defining my niche, mapping out my product, doing deep customer research, and keeping sane throughout it all. 

Do you know anyone who has started a creative agency? I’d love to connect with other people who have done it before.

Either way, I’ll have an exciting announcement to give on July 1st. Stay tuned.