Average People vs Ambitious People

Let's suppose there are 2 types of people: average people vs ambitious people.

Average people wait for people to ask them out. Ambitious people start things and get rejected often when they ask people out to do things.

Average people are happy to spend a whole Saturday binge-watching Netflix shows. Ambitious people feel uncomfortable after watching a couple of hours and want to start working a little bit more.

Average people only meet people their same age and hang out with people in the same friend groups. Ambitious people meet people of all ages and life paths and find ways to connect with them.

Average people go to college and expect a job to pop out because they got a degree. Ambitious people carefully decide whether a degree will help them or not, and chase whatever path makes the most sense for their goals.

Average people indulge in drama in real life and TV and let it control their lives. Ambitious people consider drama to be a hinderance to their goals, so they avoid thinking about it where they can.

Average people make excuses to not work out. Ambitious people do the same, but they go to the gym anyways regardless of their feelings.

Average people see a romantic partner as someone who will make them happy. Ambitious people see romantic partners as people who will compliment their already fulfilling life.

Average people expect authority to provide for them. Ambitious people understand that no one owes them anything.

Average people believe they should be paid a living wage -- but stick with the same employer forever anyways. Ambitious people believe they should be paid according to the value they provide -- and will be ruthless in choosing who they work for.

Average people try to get the most pay for as little work in 8 hours each day. Ambitious people try to get as much work in those 8 hours each day, so that in the future, pay will be an afterthought.

Average people spend their money on a short-term happiness items. Ambitious people are frugal in some things, and spend lavishly in the things that give them long-term happiness.

*There's not a hard line between these 2 types of people. You can be either on any given day.