May LifeUpdate: JumpCut Academy, Kizen Powerbuilding, and My Book

Last month I was in Houston. This month I'll have gone through New Orleans, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston. In fact, I'm typing this as I wait for my flight in NOLA to LA.

What better time than now to think about the coming month and where I'm going.

I think there's something a little scary about announcing the goals that you know will be most challenging. It makes you accountable for the things you say. If you don't make any sense of progress, then people will know.

But that's exactly why I love doing it. I'll make the promise to you guys that I'll get it done. You may find it extremely beneficial if you start making your goals public too. Some of my readers have started off by emailing their goals to me. That was enough to get them to follow through. If you want to do the same, just send me an email at

Here are my 3 biggest projects this month:

1. YouTubing and Jumpcut Academy 2.0

I'm taking the jump.

I'm taking myself seriously as a YouTuber. So serious in fact, that I spent $1000 on my Sony A6000 and an awesome lens. I even spent a little extra change on this course called Jumpcut Academy.

It's a course to help budding YouTubers excel at 5X the rate taught by these guys who have built multiple successful channels with millions of subscribers. This course and community will help me understand how to build awesome content on YouTube. 

But as with all courses, the most important factor of success will be the time I put into creating good content. You can catch my YouTube channel by clicking here. I post new videos every Tuesday and Friday.

I'll write a review of the course when I finish it.

2. Kizen Powerbuilding 16-Week Program

After powerlifting for 3 years since Freshman Year of college, I dabbled in Muay Thai kickboxing and CrossFit. I've been able to maintain my physique, but I've definitely lost strength and the motivation that I once had in the gym.

When you don't have a target, you hardly get much of anything.

So I'm committing the next 4 months to working out in a powerlifting/bodybuilding style. I'm actually pretty excited to be going in to the gym 6x a week. It'll be like a 2nd home.

I'll take a before/after pic as well.

3. How to Thrive Without College

How to thrive without college.jpg

Hey guys. I really promise I'm going to release this book this month.

I'm putting it out on Amazon Kindle as an ebook and I'll be releasing it in mid-May. Get ready for a whole bunch of hype because I'm going to launch this book right.

* * *

What are you working on this May? Email me at I'd love to hear.