6 Things I Learned From Working From Home

This post is for people who live in the suburbs, small towns, and/or work from home.

Ever since moving back to Salem, a small tourist town of 42,000 residents, I've faced the challenge of how much I can integrate work with my life. For the past year, I've been on 24/7, working closely with 4 different founders at different startups. Now it's relatively slower.

I imagine a lot of my graduated friends are facing the same challenge of not knowing what to do with their time.

I'm used to the fast-paced action of a city. It makes me come alive to take a walk and have opportunities all around me.

Here are 5 things I've learned from staying at home.

  1. Living at home is not free. What you don’t pay in rent, you pay for in familial obligations, food-sharing, rules, and mental stress.
  2. Working from a home office in a suburban area full of old people and children can get lonely. Buying new things will not always be the cure. You need to get out, and reach out online.
  3. Movement is a very important part of my life. If I'm not physically moving somewhere whether that be to a grocery store or to explore, then I feel lethargic.
  4. Trello is great for digitally keeping track of projects, but a physical white board is the best for a quick at-glance view of what the primary goals are each month.
  5. The layout of your room needs to refresh every so often to reflect the change in your life.
  6. I prefer to take public transit and walk about a city, over small town living and driving everywhere. If you love city life, then you probably have the same feelings.

I've felt pretty unproductive for the past few days, some of which were intentional, but most days were not. So it's time I find a solution.

I've talked with a couple of my advisors and accountability partners. What I'm going to do is take these steps:

  1. Join a co-working space in Boston to revitalize and keep movement in my life
  2. Work on non-Internet stuff on the train/bus. (calls, content, etc.)

I'll report how it affects my mood and productivity next week.