What I'm working on in April (PDP)

My last post, I talked about what was happening, but you know what really matters? What's next. What is on the plan for the next few weeks?

My April Goals:

1. 30 Day Photography Challenge 

I just received my Sony A6000 the other day with a prime lens the other day and it feels so good to have a real camera in my hands (instead of just a phone). As you all know, I really believe in learning while creating.

This is where you find your best results.

I've already taken some good shots and learned a bit about lighting, composition, and apertures and bokeh. If you want to follow, check me out on my Instagram here @theEvanLe, or also in the sidebar.

2. YouTube, Blogs, and Book Reviews

So I love content creation, but I need to know my limits.

I'm not hitting my blog release schedule, so something is wrong. I think I've been late the past few weeks. This may be because of me trying to release per week:

  • 1 video a week
  • 2 blogs a week
  • read 1 book and write 1 review

... while also trying to focus on my full-time job and freelance work. I need to figure out a way to relate all of the content together so I'm not spread in so many different directions. Pair this along with the photography challenge and I'm really not finding the proper time to commit in these.

Lesson Learned: Don't try to tackle too many things at once. You may burn out or fail to deliver on what you said you would.

3. Exercise + Vitality

So I've gotten to a point where I'm comfortable meal-prepping some combination of chicken, rice, and broccoli once a week and just freezing the rest. It's allowed me the time to pursue the rest of the things up there.

My nutritional health has been good, but my physical health could be better.

I'm trying to exercise about 6 days a week, but since things have gotten a little hectic, I've neglected it. I'm incorporating a short 10-minute workout routine in my morning to wake me up and give me no excuses.

4. My job

I hate following rules. My natural tendency is to try to come up with an inventive solution. That may be more of the entrepreneur in me saying that.

But sometimes it's necessary to follow instructions to a tee.

At work, I have to constantly be detail-oriented. I tend to want to think big picture, and tried to avoid doing the things I thought were beneath me. But as I work more with my boss, I find myself in situations doing the dirty work that doesn't necessarily make me feel better, but increases my aptitude for disassociating work with pride.

I trust in the process, so I'll keep going.

* * *

Thanks for keeping track of me! Let me know of any projects you're working on. I'd love to promote anything interesting that my readers are creating!