April update on life

Just a short list:

  1. Bought a new Sony A6000. Doing a 30-Day Photography Challenge, but still looking for photography experts to help me out.
  2. Month 2 in Houston starts now. I'll be here until May 1st!
  3. Experienced a turtle race and had chicken & waffles last Thursday -- Houston specialties.
  4. Reading a book a week and will write an Amazon review for each one.
  5. Writing 5 ideas a day (rather than 10 ideas a day) is much more manageable for me.
  6. Met a 7th grader who was a St. Jude's patient the other day. He had his eye replaced by St. Jude's and it was just so inspiring to see how he looked up to OBJ (New York Giants) and wanted to play college football.
  7. Had a mega-productive week at work last week. Those feel good.
  8. One of my blog readers from India is kicking ass on his daily blogging challenge.
  9. Picked up rope-climbing skill really fast at CrossFit Derive.
  10. Setting up weekly calls with important people to me has proved extremely motivating.