What Staying Quiet on Social Media Will Do To You

"Don't put anything you wouldn't want an employer to see on Facebook".

I hear this kind of advice all of the time. 

It's also terrible advice -- at least in the way that many people interpret it. A lot of the kids I knew seemed to take that advice and interpret it as either:

  1. I should never post anything on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  2. I should put my profile on private because then I can control who sees my stuff.

Both of these interpretations are faulty.

First off, you're missing a HUGE opportunity on social if you're a young person and not interacting with it. Second, nothing is private on the internet.

Whether you like it or not, any way you engage or choose not to engage in social sends a signal about who you are.

By choosing to not do social media, it could be interpreted that you aren't friendly. If you do social media but don't post anything ever, it may show that you're lethargic, passive, or just a watcher type. If you do social media but only post emotional rants, then that is a big negative too.

But if you use social to simply express your personality, while engaging with others, then you can make social work for you personally and professionally.

Share Your Work, Share Who You Are

When you take an active approach in expressing who you are on social, people will find you. They will offer their help (if you're a decent person) when you share what your goals are. But if you never share, no one will ever know.

It’s okay to lurk on Facebook.

But the most benefits come from sharing your knowledge, pictures, art, stories, and goals. So many of my opportunities came from me expressing something I was working on or where I was traveling to.

It's only when people know what your interests and goals are that they can help you.

So give them all the help they can get.

* * *

Thought of the day: What if Facebook didn’t let you use its services unless you contributed a post, article, or link once a day?