You Don't Need to Go To Bars To Meet New People

You really don’t.

It’s bad advice that gets repeated so often: if you want to meet new people, you should go to the bar.

This advice is so bad because it’s misleading — it tells young people that the best way to meet someone is at the bar. That is completely untrue. You can meet people anywhere. I know because that’s the way it happened to me.

The type of people where the bar is the worst place to meet people:

  • Fitness junkies who don’t feel like chugging in 500 empty calories every weekend
  • People who simply don’t like drinking… they exist

In living in 5 different places around the country and the world, and having to rebuild my network over and over again, I’ve learned ways to make new friends that didn’t involve going to the bar.

This helped make my life more sustainable.

I realized that didn’t have to go to the bar 3 times a week just to prove that I was social to other people. 

I realized that being social is not the same as just drinking with other people. Being social is a way of life that involves being open to others no matter the time of day or location.

Adopting this mindset that you can talk to anyone, anywhere, at anytime is the true definition of social confidence. I’ve spent years developing this skill and it’s helped me get:

  1. Instant dates with girls
  2. Job offers
  3. New readers for the blog
  4. Interesting conversations
  5. Friends I still talk to years later

And I didn’t meet any of these people at the bar.

I’ve met them at the gym, while waiting for the bus, on my way to the grocery store, at the security gate at the airport, and even on my way back home from work. I would join different classes and programs to learn something new with a group of other people as well.

It just became a part of me to meet new people along the way.

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