Your Initial Interpretation Affects Your Worldview

Our interpretations affect how we see the world.

When someone disappoints you for whatever reason, do you assume the best intentions of them? Do you always look for the best in someone, rather than focus on their weakest features?

Or do you view anything bad that happens to you as the world’s way of saying “screw you"? Do you seek out the flaws in someone’s speech and criticize them for your interpretation of how offensive it was?

These interpretations can change a lot in your life.

When you change your initial interpretation to see the positive — the best in other people — you start to create a narrative that says “the universe is on my side”. There may be a hurdle in my way right now, but overall, everything will work out fine.

Whereas the negative interpretation will choose to nitpick at anything that isn’t ideal. If it’s not perfectly aligned with their idea of how things are supposed to be, everything is terrible. People are out to get you, out to offend you, out to screw you over.

The negative interpretation may be true in some instances. But it certainly does not help you win.

Instead, what if you interpreted that situation as something positive?

Maybe the reason this person acts a certain way is because:

  1. You need the feedback to grow as a person.
  2. You need to understand where other people come from and why they think a certain way before you criticize them.
  3. You need to endure some pain to understand what others have felt in the past.
  4. You need to leave the current situation you’re in, because it’s unhealthy.

It’s all just a positive feedback loop if you want to see it like that.