How Intermediate Bloggers Should Manage Their Content

I’ve written a lot of posts. 250+ to get a sense.

I don’t say this to brag, but it’s a reminder to myself that not long ago, I had 0 posts. We all have to start from somewhere, and as I’m learning with my new YouTube venture, results do not come as fast as we want them to.

It’s an unwritten rule that you have to produce a lot of posts/videos that you personally feel is shit before you can create things that are halfway decent.

If you’ve been creating for a while, then I’m speaking to you.

This post is for people who have regularly blogged or created content for a month or more.

If you haven’t done that yet, then it’s better for you to start at writing 30 blogs in 30 days instead. This information is highly irrelevant to people who have never blogged. New content creators should not worry about making things perfectly organized.

Focus on producing content, then we’ll talk.

For my more experienced bloggers, once you get to a certain point, you may want to increase your organization and quality in each post. This is the point where you really want to start building your audience, writing guest posts for other sites, and go through multiple iterations of each post.

This is where I currently am.

After growing for 2.5 years as a writer and creator of ideas, I want to make sure that more people hear it. So my goal for the next 3 months is to create helpful content that is timeless and shareable.

Here’s my plan to do that:


I’m using Trello to implement a Kan Ban method of managing my content. 

If you don’t know what Kan Ban is, long story short, it’s a fantastic way to organize the tasks you need to do by Stage (i.e. Planned, Rough Draft, Editing, Finished). You simply move a "card" to the right once it reaches the next stage.

The way I do it currently is plan out a whole month of content I want to write, assign topics or temporary titles and set due dates them. This allows me to see what I can possibly pre-write if I ever have some free time.

It also serves a kick in the pants because I can see the progress of things I really need to move forward on.

So far, this has been much more relieving than just putting it in my calendar and hoping it got done.


The more experienced we get creating content, the more we start to figure out what our niche really is. It’s fine at first to not have a theme with your blog because the most important thing is just to produce.

Now, I’m starting to give each month a theme. I want each month to be coherent and follow a certain structure that I’ve developed.

This seems like a limiting rule at first, but I believe that the right constraints give us the ability to be more creative. I want to try this to see what kind of content comes out of it. I won’t reveal themes yet, but maybe you’ll be able to guess them in the future.

Edits + Increased Quality + Scheduling

I’ve got to be honest, I get lazy sometimes.

Some days, the words don’t come out so easily, and once I hit a certain word count, I hit submit and post a blog without looking it over. I’m committing to increasing the quality of the blogs over the next 3 months, so I’m committing a certain time after every post to carefully edit and make sure that the article can be described by the word “premium”.

I used to post every Tuesday and Thursday at random times — but now, I’m switching to releasing blogs on Mondays and Wednesdays at exactly 12p.

I’ll also be releasing a video on my YouTube channel every Tuesday at 12p.

I’m spending the extra time I have to guest post on other sites and also work on my freelance work with Packback (which is going to be picking up soon since we just got a new Marketing Lead).

Final thoughts moving forward

I’m so excited by these updates. For me, I get to sharpen my craft and aim to grow.

I think for you guys, the readers, you’re going to be getting a lot more value out of these posts. This blog is for you, so if you have any ideas, be sure to send them my way. I’m only a short email away at

Keep killing the game guys.

Can’t wait to help you get to that next level.