You Don't Need School, You Need A Good Crew

People who reluctantly go to school say things like "I might as well go to school, because I would just be lazy at home if I didn't". These people believe that they need school in order to push themselves into being more successful and learned people.

I hypothesize that many people go to college because they're afraid of setting their own direction. They feel like they need someone else to push them towards a goal.

Getting a degree is like trusting a large institution with thousands of dollars of your money to set the destination while you work as a ship hand to get there.

While being forced to learn things may get you somewhere, it doesn't mean much if the destination is not somewhere that is particularly valuable to you. For example, it wouldn't make sense if you didn't know where you wanted to go at first, so you paid the captain to go to Antartica, only to figure out midway that you wanted to go to Costa Rica.

Learning isn't about following someone's path.

Real learning is done when you set your own path, and fail and adapt in order to reach your goals. Along the way, you'll have to listen to feedback and yield to the demands of your team and supporting cast.

Your team can be your boss, co-workers, advisors, peers, or mentors. These are all people who you integrate into your life to push you to be better.

For example, a boss may be your superior technically, but really he/she is there to give you feedback and it is your job to see how they fit into your crew. Does your boss help you go towards where you want to be? If they do, then adjust to the feedback and keep steering the way.

If they don't guide you to where you want to go, then throw your boss overboard. They're not a crew member who is contributing towards your voyage so it's best to leave them.

What has lead me to my success the most is having peers and advisors who push me in a direction - sometimes unwillingly, but ultimately somewhere I want to go. If I decide that I want to steer my boat into the eye of the storm, my support network will cheer me and help me find a way to navigate it as best as I can.

That's the difference between school and deciding your own direction.

I think people who go to school are right in that we all need a support network to push our selves. The difference is whether you set the destination or have someone else set it for you.

Do you want to be the sailor who gets told which direction to steer the boat?

Or do you want to be the captain who decides where the ship goes?