How To Finish Things You Don't Want To Do

Photo by  Myles Tan  on  Unsplash

Photo by Myles Tan on Unsplash

Get to the point where you say "I might as well keep going".

Every time I've ever put something off, it's because I made such a big deal about starting it. It's always been the initial start.

The question was always "why start?"

I believe I was telling myself that if I don't start, then I won't have to finish. It was always about avoiding things -- responsibility, success, unpleasant things, etc.

And I always wondered how I eventually got those things done.

I learned that the key to finishing things, is to get past that point of "might as well". It's the initial resistance we have that stops us from doing things. When we invest just the barest minimum time, we often invest a little more time into doing it.

Often when we commit to writing for 5 minutes, that time we spend on it increases exponentially, and we spend a whole hour on it, losing ourselves in an amazing flow. We get past the point of "might as well". And it turns into an awesome experience.

But we have to make that first investment.

We have to invest just enough time to get past the point of "might as well".


  1. I didn't want to wash the dishes at 10:47 PM tonight, but I washed one and said "I might as well keep going."

  2. I didn't want to start writing this blog at 10:52, but I put one sentence down, and said "I might as well keep going."

  3. If you're scared of talking to a girl, say one sentence to her, and you might as well keep talking to her.

  4. If you're procrastinating getting fit, at least get to the gym and take one step inside, and then you might as well get a workout in.

  5. If you're putting off studying for a test, review one page, and you might as well keep going.

  6. If you're introverted but want to meet people, Uber/walk to the place you wanted to check out for 5 minutes, and leave if you want, but you might as well stay.

  7. If you hate cleaning your room but you must, pick up one shirt and stuff it into your closet, and you might as well put the other shirts in there too.

  8. If you're avoiding starting your next big idea, take a 5-minute step, and you'll find you might as well do some more work.

All resistance lies before "might as well".