What is Blockchain?

Today, I read the most direct definition of blockchain technology I’ve ever heard of: connected computers reach agreement over shared data.

… and I still don’t get it.

There’s got to be a way to simplify people’s understanding of this technology and in reaching that simplified definition, it should prove whether it’s worth all of the hype. It’s hard to imagine tech being this unexplored/not easily explained as a millennial, but ambiguity has happened before. I mean, how did people describe programming languages and coding when that first came out?

“Uh so you can type things and the computer thing can do it really fast.”

It’s kind of hard to imagine it. But we’re living through a period right now where people talk about “blockchain technology” and NO ONE knows what the fuck they are talking about.

And that makes me interested.

That’s why I’m spending December doing a little research project on blockchain.


I’m going to research what it is, what it can be used for, if it's important, and if it is, for who. I’m considering reaching out to industry experts and asking them the nuanced things that only people in the industry could understand, in order to break it down into normal people language.

I’m going to share my journey of figuring out what the hell blockchain is on this blog, or maybe a separate one. I’m just really curious to know if it’s really going to revolutionize a whole bunch of industries as some people claim it will.

Time to come up with a list of questions and topics to write about for the next 30 days.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget: connected computers reaching agreement over shared data.