I Worked Out At 6 AM for One Week. Here's What I Learned

A lot of people are scared of waking up early to work out. A lot of people are scared of working out period.


I imagine these thoughts run through their heads (stems from personal experience):

  • What if I look like a doofus in front of everybody at the gym?
  • What if I can only lift the light stuff at the gym?
  • What if it's just a giant waste of time and I don't get the results I want?

Well lucky for you, going to the gym first thing in the morning throws all of these excuses out of the window.

Don't want to feel judged at the gym? My experience is that the ones who are are usually the more mature crowd and they love anyone who has the hustle to wake up to gym in the first place.

Concerned that you won't have the right weights because it's so busy at the gym? Like I said before, literally no one is there. You can use whatever weights you want, without some doofus trying to steal them in between sets.

And the best thing that comes out of AM gym sessions is that you're there to establish a habit. The most important thing you're training at the gym is your mind into habitualizing this practice of going to the gym. Because that's really the key to making gains -- making fitness a part of your lifestyle.

With my fitness, I was reaching a sort of lull in my training.

I was going to the gym somewhat sporadically, and not feeling very focused at all. I wanted to change and get my fitness and diet back in order.

I was motivated by the Rock's 4:45 AM workouts to pursue my first thing in the morning workouts. I mean, how could you not when you see this:

I won't be doing 4:45 AM workouts anytime soon (maybe when I'm in my 30's who knows), but it made me eager to take my physical training a LOT more seriously.

What I've found is that morning workouts:

  1. Makes you feel more alive pushing your body to its limits first thing in the morning.
  2. Gives you more energy throughout the day, while also making you very tired before bed time.
  3. Gave me that psychological boost that I'm getting more done in the morning than 80% of other people are.

I don't know what the muscle-growing or strength-gaining implications of morning workouts are, but there are definitely HUGE reasons to believe that it's better to train in the morning.

And that rests on the fact that you're going to do it -- consistently when you plan to.

If you're feeling sleepy, that just means that you're going to be sleeping earlier that night. It's sort of like your punishment to work through the start of your day sleepy if you messed up last night.

Take a nap if you need to.

The cool thing about the morning is that you can sort of trick yourself into being more present when you only present the option of gym to yourself.

I think morning workouts as soon as you wake up are a super beneficial challenge for people to try for at least one week. Put yourself through a little bit of hell. It's good for you.