10 Things I've Recently Failed At (Nov 2017 version)

Maybe it'll make people feel better at themselves to see all my failures. They'll see everything I've failed at and be like "oh my god, what a loser, this dude fails at everything he tries". That's fine with me. Let them talk.

My hope is that eventually, I'll have enough failures to make everyone jealous.

Things I've failed at recently:

  1. Not getting a TEDxUSC talk
  2. Auditioning for FEAR Factor and not getting it
  3. Asking a classmate out near the end of semester and getting curbed
  4. Not getting a job at a local standing desk company
  5. Not spending time on my business and instead procrastinating
  6. Not getting to the gym 6x a week when I plan to, instead going 3-4x
  7. Failed an exam or two
  8. Ate healthy maybe 60% of the time, aiming for 80%
  9. Sleeping about 6-7 hrs a night, aiming for 8 hrs
  10. Staying at home and feeling mopy and depressed, when I should go out and explore

Fail on.