The Athlete Mask Recap (Mask of Masculinity)

If I asked you to imagine the manliest man, how would he look?


Was it some form of athletic-looking guy?

Growing up, men see athletics and sports as ways to express themselves. Sports are awesome in that, it's one of the activities you can participate in, and everything else just sort of melts away. There's no problems when you're playing.

Whatever anger or problems we were holding inside -- none of it mattered when we put on that helmet, laced up those shoes, and stepped onto the court.

But the problem was that we could hide behind our sports.

What happens after we no longer have high school sports to foster what it means to be a team? What happens when we end up alone without ever learning how to properly talk about our thoughts?

We have no where to go.

When men solely base their identity on the sport they play, they lose touch with the other parts of life. They don't really have to face the problems of their lives when they can occupy it with as much "game time" as possible.

There's nothing wrong with enjoying sports and making it an integral part of your life. The danger lies when that's the only side of you, and you use sports as a way to procrastinate facing your problems.