The Start of Fear(less) Fridays

I'm starting a new post series called "Fear(less) Fridays".

What is one thing you've done this week that required courage?

No need to be grandiose: it can be something as simple as saying hi to a stranger at the Starbucks line.

I'll start first:

I released a Youtube video on my thoughts on the tragedy that occurred in Vegas earlier this week.

Usually, I avoid topics of politics in real life and ESPECIALLY on social platforms.

I saw these discussions as lose-lose situations. Someone is always going to get mad. And to some point, I still think it's not smart to be transparent about everything.

But I hate feeling suppressed.

And I hate avoiding conversation because I'm scared of the outcome.

That's not how true connection and belonging is created.

And so pushing through the initial resistance is something we must do if we want to create a world of real connection. Not echo chamber nonsense.

Looking forward to hearing your Fear(less) Friday stories!

*Yes I know it's Saturday and yes the term is borrowed from Tim Ferriss :)