How Chick-fil-a Is Training You To Love Them

A marketing tip you can take from Chick-fil-a:

Last week a nearby Chick-fil-a started FREE Breakfast week.


They gave away little snacks like chicken biscuits and yogurt parfaits every day.

Now it sounds crazy. Aren't you losing money? Why would any business do that?

2 reasons:

  1. KARMA, and

For karma, it is good-will and encourages reciprocity. The more your business gives, the better your brand in the face of the consumer. Even with the whole LGBT scandal of years past, Chick-fil-a has recovered almost entirely due to their great product, customer service, and events likes these.

I'd say each item was worth $0.50 each max. That means at most, you're spending $2.50 per lead. If a visitor only comes once, then you lose $0.50 on someone who doesn't like your food.

But if they come by 3-5 times in that short week, you've created a mini habit in the consumer to visit Chick-fil-a in the morning.

I remember Jon Taffer on the Gary Vee podcast saying that after the first visit, a customer has a pretty low chance of coming back. But by the 4th visit, a customer's chance of returning is 70%.

That's value.