Fearless Friday #3: Waking Up

Every morning that alarm rang, I just wanted to stay in bed.

Is this what depression feels like?


I would ask myself: Why should I get out of bed? There's no one that's in need of me right now. There is no rush to get out of bed. Just enjoy the comfort that is now.

But the slow mornings always gave me a sour taste in my mouth.

"SEIZE THE DAY" and other famous slogans would make their way through my mind. But what should I seize?

How do I wake up with purpose?

What can give me the energy I need to thrive?

Today, I woke up and worked on an important task between 6:30-7:30a. I assigned it to myself last night, so I knew waking up what my purpose was this morning. It's given me a different charge.

The secret is to try to live your purpose first thing in the morning.

That way, you start off your day on your purpose, and make incremental progress every day.