Social media is a great communication tool, but an awful connection tool.

We scroll through our feeds so quickly "liking" them and moving on that we miss out on the dialogue.

We can continue to be a passenger in life. Or we can participate.

In the passiveness of social media, this is how we can positively impact people's lives.

I've created content for 4+ years on my blog. I can't tell you how many people tell me how much they liked something I wrote (in person) years after the fact.

Why didn't they just tell me then when they read it? All this time I thought no one cared. But I kept writing anyways in the off chance that it might change someone's life.

In real life, you can clap for your workers presentation among the masses and move on with your day. Or you can pull them aside later that day and tell them how they nailed it. Which one is going to leave the more positive impression?

It's not lame to compliment someone on social media. It's not lame to do it in real life.

It takes a little vulnerability but I assure you, the good vibes that you impart on another human being is worth the 15 seconds it takes to write a comment.

Less "liking". More commenting.