3 Things I Learned After Returning to School

[A response to a question I was asked on my latest video: "Why I'm Back In School + Fearless Fridays"]

Q: How is student life now that you have been out and worked in a different context for a significant period of time?

A: You definitely realize how to put things into perspective. It makes it so much easier to not freak out about every little grade.

Here are 3 things I learned after working:

1.) You seek concrete details and love people who make commitments. College students are often flaky and noncommittal -- many are afraid of missing out on things. Although this is a universal trait, it seems more prevalent on campus. Being at work, people expect you to be concrete with what you're delivering.

2.) Working IRL is fantastic in terms of focus. In school, having 5 classes is like having 5 jobs that don't pay and that all think they're more important than the others. Then you get stuck into 5 group projects, often with people who have no specialties.

3.) I need to watch how I talk about college. After witnessing so many opt-outs and seeing their awesome success, I need to be more empathetic of other people's situations and not judge them for a path they feel will lead to their goals.

There are definitely a LOT of opportunities OUTSIDE of classes. That's the most important thing to ensure that you're getting as much value out of the experience as you can.