2 Things You Need to Start Appreciating Your Life More

Recently, I felt like starting a calendar where I write the most exciting part of my day.

So often, we remember the terrible things that happened to us at the end of every day, but what if I wrote down what most excited me at the end of each day instead?

All I did was buy a pen ($1) and a "Doug the Pug" wall calendar (~$8) and hung it up next to my desk at home. At the end of every day, I try to think of what made me happiest,  or excited to be alive. I've only done it for a week or so, but I've noticed that I've started to ask myself all sorts of questions.

I use the calendar to reflect on:

  1. Am I avoiding lows by playing it safe?
  2. Am I okay that eating a bowl of poke was my highlight of the day?
  3. What do I need to do to get some more exciting things on this calendar?

I journal everyday, but this has been the best way for me to visualize my life day by day.

It takes literally one minute at the end of your day to do, and by the end of a week or a month, you'll have an amazing idea of where your life is going.

That is a small investment with enormous payoff.

This practice has helped me foster more appreciation for the good things in my life. When I get to see all of the cool things I've gotten to do, I think to myself, some people in poor countries can't do half of the things I've written down.

I almost felt embarrassed writing down "eating poke" as one of the highlights of my day.

But then I realized that it took hundreds of fishers, rice farmers, avocado farmers, etc. to get all of the ingredients just so I could order a bowl in 5 minutes. That's amazing. Because these people took the time to do what they do, I have the time to pursue what makes me happy.

Granted I want my highlights to be more of a result of what I did rather than what other people have done for me.

So I aim not to have "eating poke" as my highlight of the day.

Appreciation is a word thrown around a lot these days, but if you have a calendar and pen, then it becomes so easy to actually act on it.