2016: Leaving College, Starting Praxis, and Cracking Eggs

2016 was a year of new mindsets for me.

I left USC and started venturing down my own entrepreneurial path. As scary as that was, I gained the courage to trust in my intuition. Praxis pushed me and helped me realize how much better I am at doing things than I thought I was.

I feel like I've learned 5X as much these past 8 months than I did the past 3 years.

Here's a general recap of my year, broken down into 3 categories: Health, Wealth, and Relationships.


  1. Squatted 315 pounds for 1RM
  2. Practiced Muay Thai kickboxing for past 3 months
  3. Cut out soda out of my diet completely
  4. Started cooking ⅓ of my meals with greens
  5. Meditated in the morning for at least 75% of the year
  6. Journaled and got my thoughts out nearly every day
  7. Learned how to crack an egg with one hand

I truly believe that your health affects all other parts of your being. If you aren't eating right or exercising, then you'll feel tired when you're at work. You won't be able to express yourself to your loved ones if you feel sluggish. I'm so glad that I have the opportunity to workout in great gyms and feel better.


  1. Chose my own path and enrolled in Praxis over USC
  2. Moved to Chicago to start a new job at Dose Media
  3. Wrote 100+ blog posts this year
  4. Hosted 2 episodes of my own podcast and was interviewed on other podcasts
  5. Finished writing my book and created a cover for it
  6. Read 40+ books
  7. Earned a Salesforce Admin Certification
  8. Generated $36 in revenue from selling chocolate-covered bananas
  9. Completed my Prax-Six Instagram video series
  10. Filmed 30 one-minute-long videos in October to get better at speaking on camera

Going to school never really helped me develop my self-efficacy. I didn't think I was capable of creating things. I didn't think I was competent enough to get a good job at times. But after all of these experiences, I have undeniable proof that I can make things happen.


  1. Hosted “Weekly Dinners” during the summer with one of my best friends
  2. Got to meet the guys at the Art of Charm for a weekend in Las Vegas
  3. Connected more with my brother and sister than I ever have
  4. Built up my own network in Chicago
  5. Traveled to Austin, TX to meet up with entrepreneurial Praxis people
  6. Performed in USC’s Vietnamese Culture Night with some of my best college friends
  7. Won 2nd place and Bluetooth speakers at a lip sync battle
  8. Got to explore California with 2 of my friends from Salem

I met so many interesting people this year, many centered around the theme of self-improvement and entrepreneurship. I never thought I'd get to meet Jordan Harbinger from the Art of Charm in person, but it happened. I matured and got to connect with people on a deeper level than ever before.


ASIDE: Do you notice anything common about people who say that 2016 is a bad year? 

They blame it on externalities.

  • 2016 was a bad year because of Brock Turner.
  • 2016 was a bad year because of Trump.
  • 2016 was bad because of social justice warriors.
  • 2016 was a bad year because celebrities got old and died.

It's usually about what someone else did.

If there were 2 types of people separated into spectators vs participants in life, I would say that these people lean more towards spectators. People just waiting for good things to happen to them rather than them making a really big change themselves.

In this case, selfishness is good.

Selfishness allows you to define what a good year means for yourself. Your quality of year is based off of how much progress you made as a person rather than the things happening around you.

People who blame periods of time for their depressed emotions might want to find a new perspective. Is the year bad because of the world, or is the year bad because you feel like you're not living life by your rules?


BONUS: The shitty things that happened this year for me.

  1. Got kicked out of my apartment
  2. Dealt with bed bugs for 3 weeks
  3. Getting terrible amounts of sleep for many weeks
  4. Felt extremely lonely at different points
  5. Felt unsure about the future
  6. Sliced my pinkie with a kitchen knife

But overall, life is moving in such a positive direction, that I can't help but feel blessed. Thank you to my readers for sticking with me as long as you have. I really appreciate you.

Happy New Year!