How To Not Be Afraid Of Trying New Things

What's there to be afraid of when trying new things?

Every time you try something new, you get a new story to tell.

Every time you fail, you learn a new lesson.

Every time you succeed, you gain confidence.

The key is to do new things, rack up a great number of stories -- inspirational and embarrassing -- and release the idea that you shouldn't at least try.

When you choose to sit around in your comfort zone and do the same thing every day, you rob yourself of these opportunities.

Will you talk to that random person on the train?

Will you go out and take a free fitness class by yourself?

Will you turn off 30 minutes of Netflix to call one person you've lost touch with?

You might put off new things so you can keep doing the old things that you find so comfortable; therein lies one of the greatest traps. You settle for McDonalds because you're too afraid to try the caviar and hate it.

Don't be afraid to try new things -- there's always something to gain in the end.