I Challenge You To Start One New Habit

Inspired by a friend’s post.

Goals are great to have. But goals without actions are simply desires. There are a lot of people who talk all day about their goals, as if it was an accomplishment to dream big.

Habits on the other hand, are processes that are actionable.

Habits force you to take actions everyday regardless of how you feel - because habits keep running. They are the key to making your goals achievable.

Instead of wishing to be a world famous photographer (a lofty goal), think in terms of habits.

Maybe the habits to be this famous photographer would be:

  1. Spend X minutes learning something new about photography a day.
  2. Take Y amount of pictures a day and post them online.
  3. Meet Z new people a week.

If you do these things, you’ll grow exponentially, rather than just relying on periodic bursts of motivation. 

I’ve tried to identify the habits that will get me to where I want to go. My habits help me feel healthier, help me maintain my relationships, and help me continually get smarter and understand myself better. 

Here’s a preview of my top 10 habits.


  1. Message <3 friends every day to check up on them.
  2. Plan at least one date a week and talk to one new person a day (hello’s and complements are fine).
  3. Write a Thank You letter once a week.

Fitness and Health:

  1. Exercise or stretch for 30+ minutes a day.
  2. Eat 5+ balanced meals a day.
  3. Meditate for at least 5 minutes a day.

Knowledge and Growth:

  1. Read blogs and books for 30+ minutes a day.
  2. Listen to podcasts or “smart” YouTube videos for 30+ minutes a day.


  1. Write 200+ words a day in a journal or blog.
  2. Write 10 ideas a day. Become an idea machine.

These simple processes in my day seem like a lot of things to do when I write it out like this, but it’s a breeze in real life. The thing is, it took me a while to habituate all of these behaviors.

The most important thing that helped me do that?

The simple, non-sexy answer is: I put things down in my calendar and I COMMIT TO THEM.

That’s all you have to do. Respect the commitments you make on your calendar. These small actions when done everyday, have amazing immediate and long-term returns.

You’ll get to your goals, instead of telling everybody about it.

What habits have helped you out the most? List your top 10 habits, or tell me what habits you want to start doing. Let me know in the comment section!