Manish Shukla | The Evan Le Show (Ep 1)

I'm starting a new show!

I've wanted to do this for a while now, and rather than just thinking about how I'm not ready, I just decided to do it.

I'll be inviting guests to talk about anything ranging from education, entrepreneurship, and occasional "your mom" jokes (only when relevant).

I'm officially calling it The Evan Le Show.

Disclaimer: I'm not a natural interviewer. I say "um" too much and I have a painful distaste with hearing my own voice on a recording. But this story was too important not to share. You may be looking at the next Charlie Rose (okay let's try not to get ahead of myself).

Moving on!

Manish Shukla:

My first guest is one of my best friends I've made at USC. Manish made the bold choice to opt out of a semester of college during his junior year, to pursue an option he thought was better.

He started learning programming and never thought he would end up in the entrepreneurial/tech/startup scene, but he did it anyways.

He ended up working for Apple's Siri Team in San Francisco, CA for the spring 2016 semester. And he doesn't regret a second of it.

Here's a quick rundown what we talk about:

  • Capitalizing on opportunities vs. making opportunities
  • How do you learn a new skill with no knowledge and little money
  • Why comedic standup is more than just writing and reciting words
  • What he's working on now (hint: a new short film series)

Check it out!

Thanks for listening! It'll get better, I promise.

Art by: Catherine Mai