Vote For You 2016

Donald Trump won't save you. Neither will Hillary Clinton.

I think people put too much emphasis on how your one vote every four years is your ONE CHANCE to make a difference.

It's not.

You face a million chances to improve your life every day. You could work on multiple art pieces or poems that touch people and make them realize something new. You could work on your health by working out and eating right for four years, instead of waiting for the government to solve healthcare for every person on Earth.

There's just so many ways to change your life, that it seems silly to reduce your importance as a human being to one piece of paper every four years.

People will literally dedicate all of an election year to try to get other people to vote. If they find that valuable, then props to them, but what if they each spent that year starting charities for homeless people? What if they spent that year creating solutions so that businesses have a greener, better alternative than what they're using today?

Voting will only do so much to change the world.

I feel like people are so quick to go and vote, they go back home and sit on the couch, smug with the idea that they voted.

Like they're "doing their part" as a civilian.

They feel the freedom to take a backseat on creating actual change in their lives and the lives of those they may care about. They tend to use excuses like "I voted, so there's nothing else I can do to create change."

You want to know one way to create change? 

If you're looking for one example of real change, try this:

Compliment one person a day for 4 years, and by the time you reach 1,460 people, I swear you will have made more of a difference than voting.

You may have:

  1. encouraged that girl who was insecure about her body weight about how good she looks in that red dress
  2. persuaded a shy young boy to try his hardest at the things he loves the most
  3. made a busy mother feel amazing and refreshed after a tough week at the office
  4. inspired a young engineer to continue building his product
  5. pushed an entrepreneur to work harder than he has ever worked before

You can do a lot of things. And you can do it by voting for yourself everyday.