Education is Cheap: We're Just Giving Our Money to the Wrong People

Has it ever occurred to you that maybe education is a lot cheaper than you thought?

Maybe you could read one book a week for a year and write 50 Amazon Reviews AND gain a world-class education.

Maybe you could be an educated person AND not have a college degree.

Maybe you could get a job you love AND it not have to be from a giant company that has the resources to recruit from colleges.

I definitely think we need to invest more in education in this country, but do we really need to invest more in schools?

There's a distinction.

One exists without structure, and the other is a money-hungry, textbook-industrial complex that feasts on 18-year-olds -- telling them that this is what they need to succeed. It capitalizes on their fears by promoting an alternative life where they end up as patty-flippers and janitors.

The more money we pump in to schools, the more we devalue real education.

The more money we "invest" in colleges, it's not more prosperity we'll end up with. No, we'll end up with more football teams, more gentrification of surrounding neighborhoods, and more construction.

Education is freedom. 

College is indentured servitude. As long as we consider college and education synonymous, the more we're stuck in this trap.

* * *

You know how in school, they make students pay for tuition AND textbooks around $50-$200 for each class?

It's ridiculous right?

Why are books not included in the (already overpriced) fee?

The cool thing about Praxis, and this is just such a small detail but an important one, is that they actually bought me 4 books for this month to read as part of the curriculum.

Straight from Amazon, and right into my Kindle (they also offered to mail them to me).

Where have you ever heard of this happening? Not in any traditional educational institution, that's for sure. Even though they weren't expensive books, so far they've been highly valuable reads, and a beautiful touch to a personalized educational program.

Young people in this country think education is expensive... but maybe we're just giving our money to the wrong people.