Things that hold us back

At any point in time, you may have different obligations - it's almost rare that you won't have any.

There's always going to be rent, food, and other services you have to take care of.

But sometimes it's not the material things that we feel bound by.

Often times, what bounds us are people.

Think about one of your childhood friends. You may have sat together at lunch every day for 6 years and competed in high school sports together, and studied for tests until 1 A.M. together.

But have you ever felt like you "outgrew" them?

This is a totally normal thing to feel.

Sometimes we feel like we owe someone something. This may be to your parents or your significant other or your best friend. You may think "we've spent X number of years together, we can't just throw that all away!"


But sometimes, you need to let go of things that are ultimately holding you back.

If you're having the sense that you've outgrown some friends, that's completely fine. You don't have to "drop" them as some people would suggest. Just expand your social circle and hang out with them a little less.

Don't always feel obligated to hang on to something that's dead.

It's just not fair to your personal growth.