4 things to think about from Zero to One

After reading Peter Thiel's Zero to One, I had the amazing experience of answering these next few questions for myself. 

1. Are you subscribed to any of the common social trends?

Do you believe that life is about incrementalism, and that you can't move onto the next stage until you complete one in linear fashion (2nd grade to 3rd grade, etc.)?

Do you believe that risk should be averted at all costs, and that you should go for the "safe route" before you pursue your dreams?

Do you think that it's okay to be complacent with your life? In preparation that waiting for the next stage will makes things better? So if you made it to college, all you have to do is just complete it and things will get better?

Do you believe that the world is too "flat" -- that there's so much competition out there that you shouldn't even try? That it would be waste of time to even try new ideas, so you should just stick with old ones?

2. Is life about chance and luck for you? Or cause and effect?

Do you feel like life is stagnating for you? If so, why? Are you waiting for the right thing to come along and change your life? Or do you take action everyday because you believe that you can change the future?

3. What kind of pessimist or optimist are you?

Do you have a clear and definite vision of why you think the future is bright? Or why you think it sucks? Or do you just have a general feeling that things will work out?

Do you know what you want to be in the next 5 years and how you're going to attain it? Or do you think that you should just amass a body of "diverse" skills that don't necessary lead to anywhere because it's good to be "well-rounded"?

4. What is your idea of the future like?

Will it be one of recurrent collapse, where civilization rises and then falls and then rises again in a cycle?

Will it be one that plateaus at a certain point, where human life can only get better to a certain point?

Will it be one of extinction, where civilization rises very high, only to meet its demise at one point in time?

Or will it be one that takes off, where we make minor improvements every day and then things just drastically just skyrocket into unbelievable quality of life for humans.

* * *