The Power of One -- A Short Manifesto

All it takes is one coach, to push you when you feel like giving up.

One success, to make all the failures in the past worth it.

One mentor, to introduce you to a network of amazing people.

One handwritten note, to make your loved ones feel appreciated.

One book, to make you reconsider your whole career choice.

One death that's close to you, to make you think about how short life is.

One raised hand to change the whole classroom's opinion.

One hour in the gym a day, to prevent your body from becoming tired and old.

One alcoholic beverage a week, so that you don't become a prude and chastise people for enjoying life.

One uninterrupted period of walking, to have clarity from screens.

One more effort, to get better than where you were before.

One more ask, to make things happen.

One more blog, to keep going on when others quit.

One more word, when you can't think of another.


* * *

A little more different than my usual post, but I felt like I had to get out some thoughts on what keeps me going. I was listening to a podcast on The Art of Charm about grit, which is passion + perseverance.

A lot of people are trying to find their passion, but I think that perseverance is more important than that. Just try to keep consistent with the things that you like, and stop wasting your time on the things that you don't.

Growth feels slow sometimes, and you only seem to notice it once someone else recognizes it in you. It's not productive to always be questioning if you're growing personally, as I've come to realize -- because we're always growing whether we realize it or not.

* * *

Hope you liked that one, and I'll see you on Thursday!