Why You Need a Side Hustle (+5 examples)

I'm always amazed at people who are able to commit fully towards a passion of theirs.

Examples of this are:

  1. Actors/actresses who go through the Hollywood ringer, enduring long periods of unpaid internships - so that they can network with the right people and get the role they want.
  2. Athletes who dedicate their whole lives to master throwing a ball accurately and staying physically and mentally fit - all in order to play in front of millions of people.
  3. College opt-outs who choose to create their own path, rather than go into debt for an educational experience that doesn't fit them.

These people inspire me.

They knew exactly what they wanted at a young age and made sacrifices.

But we aren't all like this.

Not all of us feel like we have the talent to deviate from the path. It's scary to jump deep into your interests. You start to ask yourself questions like "what if I fail?" And if I do fail, "I'm going to look like an idiot in front of my parents, my parent's friends, and all of my friends."

It took me a long while to understand what my path could be.

I have a lot of passions: filmmaking, writing, marketing, powerlifting, wrestling, gaming, cooking, eating, meeting new people, and a million other things.

You probably have a list as long (or even longer!), so how do you make a decision? How are you supposed to just choose one to do for the rest of your life? And are you supposed to just choose it at 18 years old?

These are difficult questions to answer.

That's why I recommend avoiding these questions altogether. Move towards pursuing things that are interesting to you right now and commit to them. Don't make it a "I have to do it for the rest of my life" kind of thing though.

Pursuing your passions doesn't have to be all chips in.

If you're afraid of going all in, or don't know what your passions are, then what's the solution?

The Side Hustle.

This is the Side Hustle train and your destination is wherever the hell this is going. Probably Somewhere nice.

This is the Side Hustle train and your destination is wherever the hell this is going. Probably Somewhere nice.

Side hustles are a rising trend among millennials and for good reason: never has there been a time when we had as much freedom, money, and societal expectation to be able to focus on pursuing happiness.

The premise is this: while you work the job that sustains your physical self, work a side hustle that sustains your mental self.

If you can deal with the BS that comes with getting a boring job that pays decent, you need that side hustle to renew the passion you have for life, or else you become a 9-5 zombie.

The great thing about side hustles is that it feels safer to pursue one along with the traditional path. My blog is my side hustle. A couple of my friends design graphics for different companies and startups as a freelance thing. One friend I know creates music on the side, and is slowly transitioning to making it a full-time deal.

Two misconceptions about side hustles:

  1. It's only to make extra money.
  2. There's not enough time to pursue one.

Side hustles can be about money, but the strongest reason that people do them is for the emotional fulfillment it gives them. Who wants to live a life where all they ever pursued is that financial job they got in college just to pay off their debt?

The side hustle offers something worth much more than money: A hedge against feeling stuck and dull and cheated by life.
— Catherine Baab-Muguira, Quartz Writer

5 Examples of Side Hustles

1.) Build your own media business.
2.) Start writing your own blog. (Send me an email if you want help setting this up.)
3.) Create a store on Etsy selling your crafts.
4.) Teach your friends how to cook.
5.) Become a certified fitness coach and start offering 1-on-1 lessons.

If you want more ideas, you can find more examples here at the Art of Manliness and here at Side Hustle Nation.

It's not about how much money you make; it's about being your own boss and creating a life that you want.

* * *

If you already have a side hustle; that's awesome. Please explain and promote it in the comment section to me! If you don't, then that's fine - tell me about a side hustle that you want to create.