Don't know what to do for summer? Schedule your own 3-Hour Workday


What do you want to get better at?

Stop avoiding it.

You know what it is. That project you want to do this summer, or thing you want to get better at, but have been avoiding.

It's hard with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, video games, blockbuster movies, etc. all vying for your attention. But what if you took a break on those things -- just for a little bit -- to focus on your own projects?

Introducing the 3-Hour Workday

Do you really want to say "I finished Uncharted 4" as an answer to the question "what did you do this summer"?

If you've currently spent the first few weeks of summer dicking around (you know if you are), don't worry, it's not too late to spend the next few weeks doing something meaningful for yourself.

The method is simple: schedule in 3 hours spread out -- however you want -- throughout your day to work SOLELY on the thing you want to get better at.

Your job is to jump over the 3 kids that are stopping you from accomplishing shit this summer. each kid = 1 Hour

Your job is to jump over the 3 kids that are stopping you from accomplishing shit this summer. each kid = 1 Hour

If you just spent 3 hours a day doing something towards it this summer, then you would accumulate 90 days * 3 hours = 270 hours of work.

No tactics, no tricks, just simply doing it.

I wanted to get better at writing last summer, so I scheduled in time everyday to write.

You might want to get better at

  • playing basketball
  • coding and mathematics
  • creating businesses
  • exercising
  • cooking
  • playing music
  • singing
  • marketing
  • engineering
  • video production

So create a project around it this summer.

If you schedule in just 3 hours every day working on a summer project, I guarantee you, you'll feel so much better about yourself.

I used to trick myself into thinking that I just had to relax during the summer break because I "earned" it with all my hard work in school.

I actually found that I was just using relaxing as an excuse to avoid trying new things.

I thought that being disciplined and creating rules for myself would make life boring and restricted.

The poisonous, bittersweet melancholy and unrelenting mental tension of knowing, in the back of your mind, that you could have done better.
— Ash Ambirge

But planning my summer out with goals and schedules made my life so much better. I got things done and never felt guilty for missing out on video games.

How to Plan a Summer Project

  1. Set an objective w/ a clear deliverable
    • Ex.) Learn enough Spanish to order something on the menu completely in Spanish when I go to the restaurant in 5 days.
  2. Schedule it in
    • Ex.) I'll study the 100 most common restaurant vocabulary for 30 minutes, listen to Spanish radio for an hour, and have a conversation with my Spanish-speaking friend.
  3. Have an accountability partner (the public, a friend, or your mentor)
    • Ex.) Talk with my Spanish-speaking friend every day/week/etc. to make sure I'm trying as hard as I can and not letting them down.
  4. Commit to it!

Your Summer Project

When you're planning your summer project, don't even think about this in terms of what will this do for your career.

Just think about what it will do for you in terms of fulfillment and fun.

I've been victim to the "relaxing" and unfulfilling summer for a long time. I don't want you to have to go through a whole summer and feeling like you just wasted it doing nothing.

Do a favor to yourself and JUST DO IT.

* * *

If you need me as an accountability partner. I'm all for it. Send me a message on Facebook, email me at whatever.