How to Get Past Plateaus

"You're doing great there Jimmy!"

"Keep it up!"

We'll hear these phrases from time to time from a mom to her kid who is doing absolutely terrible on the soccer field. There's no doubt that he's doing bad, but with that little encouragement, he can be inspired to do better.

If some coach came along and told her son that he sucked, that little boy would never play soccer again.

Sometimes we need that little bit of encouragement to keep pushing on. There may be a hundred other voices screaming how bad we are or that we shouldn't do something, but as long as there is that one person, who believes in you and gives you confidence, then you will achieve great things.

Well guest what? It's not only for kids.

Positive reinforcement still works when you're an adult.

It obviously all starts with you: the courage to make a choice, the confidence to pursue it yourself, and the hustle it takes to keep moving forward.

But when you reach a plateau, that's when you hit the pain period. Self-doubt starts to seep into your mind. You don't know what the next step to take is or if the path you've chosen is even attainable anymore.

That's when a good mentor will reassure the things you know are true, but can't yet believe. You need to find a mentor who believes in you. It's hard to know whether the choice you make is the right one by yourself, but with his/her guidance, you can reach much higher levels than people who reach plateaus and get stuck there.