Can't vs Won't

Never has there been a time when a majority of humans could:

  • carry a near million dollar device in their pockets.
  • speak directly with leaders and celebrities at the press of a button
  • travel state-to-state so fast and as cheaply
  • apply for and receive a job without the formal education
  • educate themselves through books and the internet
  • experience thousands of movies, music, and art for free
  • discuss interesting ideas with people across the country
  • create your own brand through video, blog, or podcast

You can do so much more things in this world than people before us ever had the chance to. This amount of opportunity might paralyze you into indecision and stress however.

Don't be afraid of abundance. Enjoy the abundant opportunity and material goods of this new world.

But remember that contributing to this abundance, not simply enjoying it, is what leads to a better world and a happier you.

What is scarce is you. The amount of time you put into creating something special and the combination of your unique experiences - your ability to create, lead, and meet new people - they all aid in helping you offer something special to the world.

You can do anything in this world - you just have to say yes to yourself.

In the face of all that choice, we often confuse can’t and won’t. One lets us off the hook, the other is a vivid reminder of our power to say yes if we choose.
— Seth Godin

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