Advertising To People Who Actually Want To Listen - Evan's Facebook Ads Series Part 4

The best feature of Facebook Ads is its ability to target people specifically by characteristics.

So if you were a U.S. brand trying to sell trendy fitness gear, your audience profile would probably look like:

  • People located in US
  • People aged 18-34
  • People who like fitness
  • People who like Crossfit, powerlifting, and paleo
  • People with income <$40,000
  • People who like sports, leagues, or athletes

You don't have to waste money hoping that this person walks by your billboard or listens to you ad. You don't have to waste money showing your ad to people who would never care.

How deep can you customize your customer profile?

Here's a snazzy little graphic I grabbed off the internet.

Click the image to find a link to download.

Click the image to find a link to download.

Pretty small, right?

So now, you know how to:

  1. Find a killer image to intrigue your audience
  2. Write copy that provides value
  3. Target the right people for your ad

And with that, you're probably in the top 25% of people in terms of Facebook Advertising knowledge. Pat yourself on the back. No, seriously.

The bar is pretty low.

All you really need to do is create your own ad and see what happens using $5 for your budget. Then you can pretty much claim that you know how to use Facebook Marketing for a company.

Good luck out there!

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Hope you enjoyed this mini-series!