How to Choose A Facebook Ad Image That Resonates - Evan's Facebook Ads Basics Part 2

Think of your image as the lure that catches your audience's attention.

They may just be swimming around their Facebook feed until a snazzy image catches their eyes.

"Oh what is this?"

THAT moment is what you want to capitalize on with your image. You want to get them attracted to read or skim your text (also known as "copy"). According to Hubspot, ads with images do 94% better than ads without images.

Think about it: if you're just scrolling down your feed, what's going to grab your attention?


Or this?

It's probably the second one right?

It's not only the quality of the burgers that makes you want the second one, it's the quality of the photo. It's striking, it has color, and it looks fresh.

That's how you want to draw audience in.

The more people notice your "lure" the more people will be willing to give your ad a shot.

The picture is you earning your audience's attention.

You can do this by following these rules:

  1. Find some really good stock images (my favorite free ones) or better yet, take them yourself if you have a good camera!
  2. See how they look in different dimensions and placements on the feed by following Facebook's Design guidelines here.
  3. When you're creating your ads, test out different photos to see which ones perform best. We call this A/B testing, because we keep everything else the same, but we see the difference a change (an image for example) makes.

Next post, I'll talk about the juicy stuff: the ad copy!

The first thing a user sees is the image. That's what gets them to pay attention.

The second thing they notice is the copy: that's where you hook them in.