I Got My Salesforce Certification

It happened.

Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.

My goal has always been to help companies I believe in grow. I want to be an asset to startups to help them scale with their data, business processes, and organizational structure.

This is why I chose to study Salesforce.

It's a cloud-based software that helps companies manage sales, service, marketing, analytics, and app-building. There are so many capabilities that you can use it for, and it can automate nearly any process. That's why it's so valuable to companies -- it can allow 10 people to do the work of 100.

Here's how it went down:

I study all of last month, about 1-4 hours a day just hammering in the concepts.

I drive to my test center all confident. I've put my hours in, there's no way I can fail. I open up the online test.

My confidence drops.

Most of the questions I have no idea what the right answer was, but I use my good intuition of what the right answer should be.

I just need a 65% to pass.

I review the test multiple times. I gather the courage to press the submit button.

I wait for the results screen... I passed.

That's when I learned this really odd lesson:

Studying is just a way for you to make better guesses.

I didn't know all of the answers, but I made way better guesses by studying for hours everyday. That's sort of what life is: work really hard and study so that you can make better guesses in business, life, and relationships.

I'm now a Salesforce Certified Admin! This is just one step on the way to building my own company in the future. I'm going to use this certification to do freelance work, build up my understanding of how other companies run, and overall get more comfortable consulting.