What I Learned From 31 Days of Vlogging

I hated hearing my own voice.

Especially on camera.

It didn't come as a surprise to me that a majority of people also hate the sound of their own voice. Why do we hate our voices?

Because we never hear our true voice when we talk. We go through life thinking that the sound we hear is the sound others hear. That actually isn’t so. Your voice sounds different to other people than it does to you because it’s different.
— Spinditty.com

It took me this experiment to get me comfortable with talking in front of a camera. When I forced myself to record a little something everyday, I started to gain so much more confidence on camera.

It really forced me outside of my comfort zone.

There were many days where I just didn't want to do it, and put if off until the end of the day. But it was always great to get it done and have that sense of satisfaction by pressing "upload" to YouTube everyday.

A 30-day blogging challenge is amazing for people to develop their ideas and get into the thought leader mindset. It gets you producing.

This challenge does the same thing -- but emphasizes your verbal communication skills specifically. When you have to talk to a camera for at least a minute-a-day, you get to air out grievances, you get to share your stories and no one can tell you it's boring.

Here are the top 3 things I learned from 31 days of vlogging in October 2016.

1. I can talk for at least a minute-straight without stopping.

This sounds small, but I'm a big listener, so it feels awkward to keep talking about myself for a minute-straight. It's a natural part of conversation to exchange stories like this. If you're someone who doesn't like hogging up too much conversation time, I can assure you that you're probably talking too little.

2. I give less of a shit when talking to my camera when in front of people.

It's kind of weird to talk to a camera in public right? While it's initially uncomfortable, you realize that it doesn't really matter whether or not they listen in or not, or stare at you or whatever. You have a product and a message to get out, and no one can stop you from getting it out.

3. I'm 10X more comfortable with the sound of my own voice.

Hearing it all of the time builds up your confidence with public speaking so much more. Understanding how other people hear your voice gives you so much more power to improve your intonation and projection.

When you don't vlog, you think you know what you sound like. When you actually do it, you actually know how you sound to other people.

Grab a camera and give it a shot.