People Believe You

A student who gets told they have a lot of "potential" will start to believe in themself.

An employee who gets told that they're doing a great job will develop confidence and the motivation to work harder.

A friend who is depressed and gets told that they matter, after enough times, will start to believe it.

A student with bad grades who is told he won't be successful will start to believe it, thinking there are no other ways to success other than school.

A weed smoker who is treated like a violent criminal will start to believe they are one after years in prison.

A black person who is told they're a victim in 2016 will believe it.

A white person who is told they're privileged may believe they are, and feel incredible shame for something their ancestors did... or they may just feel social pressure and are too scared to be labeled racist.

A woman who is told that there is a war against them will believe it and internalize their lives as against an opposing force.

A man who is told that he is the problem with society will believe it, and try his best to remedy the situation, because he wants to be valued.


Conversely, a working class person without a degree who is told by a college-educated student/graduate that their opinions and experiences are invalid, racist, homophobic, not allowed to be said -- it may just cause that person to vote for someone who represents all of the things they were told they were.

* * *