Work with passion is play

... while work without passion is just stress.

Have you ever thought about work as an enjoyable thing?

It can be.

I've been listening to a lot of Simon Sinek interviews recently, and I find a lot of similarities in my views of life and his. Sinek dreams of a world where people are happy to go to work and can come back home feeling satisfied.

Simon Sinek at his TED Talk, "Start with Why"

Simon Sinek at his TED Talk, "Start with Why"

In my 5th month in Praxis and out of school, I've given more thought to what makes me feel like work isn't work.

School was not a good fit for me because it wasn't play for me. It was just work, without the passion. There's nothing about the education system that made me go, "wow this cause is so amazing and I just want to keep doing it!"

It was just stressful.

Working in Chicago hasn't been the fairytale perfect job, but it has helped me realize more of what I love and what I don't like.

  • I love figuring out problems. Give me a long period of time and a technical problem to solve and I'm happy getting lost in flow.
  • I love automating systems to make processes run more efficiently. Something about figuring out how to stop doing boring work is really fun.
  • I like writing copy and testing to see what language and images people react to. Psychology when it comes to digital marketing is an amusing game.

On the flip side, I find it hard to rally behind causes that I don't agree with. Some people have asked me to promote some of their services, but I just can't do it in a way where I don't believe in it. I have to really like the product to market it at all.

That's how I learned that selling things is so much easier when you actually

  1. like the product
  2. are not trying to rip off the prospect
  3. want to help find the right solutions for people's problems

There are more things that I've yet to learn about myself.

If I can discover at least one of these "nuggets" every month moving forward, then this year will have been a goldmine in self-awareness.

The more I can incorporate "requirements" (does it let me help people find what makes them come alive?) like these for future endeavors, the more I'll know that I'm doing what I want to.