RANT: Don't Stay Where You're Undervalued

If where you are doesn't value you, then leave.

I didn't feel like school valued me or my contributions. So I took a break.

When I got denied by numerous companies, I took it as a sign that even though my resume/interview wasn't as strong as it could be, they didn't value me. So it was a better fit that I didn't work for them.

If they couldn't see how good of a teammate I could be for them, they'd be missing out.

If they couldn't see how much I wanted to succeed, and how much I wanted them to succeed, then they'd be missing out.

If they couldn't see what I was worth, then I was glad to be away from people like that.

I need to feel valued by the people who I choose to spend my time around. If I don't get that feeling, then I feel like I'm just a robot doing work I hate for a paycheck that doesn't really give me the emotional satisfaction of feeling like I made a difference.

Sometimes, you just need to say thanks, and acknowledge people for what they've done for you.

Make them feel valued.

And in turn, they will do the same for you.