Don't Be Afraid To Put Your Junk Out

A lot of people I know have this fear.

They need to have everything they do be perfect, else they never release their work. In fact, they may not even work on it at all because it's not "perfect".

Examples of this include aspiring filmmakers who don't want to just release some shitty YouTube videos.

Or wanna-be writers who think a crappy blog will put some type of stain on their career (which doesn't exist yet keep in mind).

I get it. I used to be like that too.

Everyone starts at zero. People will not expect you to be the next Spielberg when you're 18-years-old. Most people won't even care.

I find that to be awesome.

Because so many people don't care about what I'm doing, I feel free to just put whatever the hell I want out there. Who can tell me what to put out there? No one. It's my channel. I can upload greatness on there, and I can upload whatever I felt like producing that day.

There are literally zero consequences for putting out work.

But the benefits are tremendous:

  1. Shows people you're working on stuff
  2. Possibility of someone noticing and helping you with your goals
  3. Building a portfolio of your work
  4. Being able to look back at your portfolio and seeing how much you grew
  5. Living out the life of your dream job, instead of just thinking about it

And there's so much more that I didn't list.

I've already received so much more exposure for posting on my blog. I've made new friends from my readers, more clout behind my name from employers, and personal confidence in just being a writer.

I can consider myself a writer and not feel silly for saying it.

Key point? SHOW YOUR WORK - the good, the bad, and definitely the ugly.