The Evan Le Show Ep 2: Liam Lieberman

Liam is a 21-year-old filmmaker.

In his short life as a creative, Liam's already developed a great amount of hustle and personal knowledge. Hear why he opted out of film school and decided to start his own studio. If you're considering a path in the creative side of things, this is definitely a must-hear episode.

Liam was homeschooled, investigating his love for making films by bringing his camera to proms and weddings. Soon enough, he started to become paid for his work. Currently, Liam creates commercial and documentary content alongside his cinematic wedding films.

He is based in Pennsylvania, where he started his film studio, Pennwood Pictures, with a couple of his friends.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • How Liam got Chase Jarvis to give him personal feedback on his photos
  • How he connected with directors in NYC he didn't even know
  • Should you go to film school or not?
  • Who his personal and creative inspirations are
  • Why your "vibe attracts your tribe"

If you want to follow Liam's current projects:


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