What I've Learned From Talking To Myself

I've been talking to myself for the past 10 days.

That's about 1/3 of the way though this month.

Just me and my camera for a minute every day. It's awkward, and sometimes I just don't feel like talking that day, so it's really hard to do. Even harder than writing a blog everyday for 30 days, in a different way.

Here are the benefits I've noticed so far:

1. It forces you to think about your life every day.

Sometimes people just don't ask you questions.

So you have to come up with the questions yourself. This may sound crazy, but forcing yourself to vocalize your opinions helps you make better arguments. Some people just never were given the chance to answer these questions.

When you're the one running the show, you can ask yourself as many questions as you want.

You don't have to upload it.

The best part is, you might surprise yourself with what you have to say about a particular subject.

2. It forces you to produce something every day.

Similar to writing a blog every day, the reason these 30-day-challenges are so powerful is because it puts you in the creator mindset.

It's your job to put something out every day, and when you tell everyone else you're going to do it, it looks really bad if you can't even put out a one-minute video. You don't have to share it to everyone you know, but you should definitely upload it to a public space.

This is all about training yourself to not be a flake.

Who wants to be a flake?

3. It forces you to get better at speaking in front of a camera.

This is slightly obvious, but talking in front of the camera for a minute-a-day, gets you sooooo much more comfortable in front of cameras.

On day one, I had to do at least 15 retakes.

On day ten, I can do it in one take and be satisfied with the result.

Then again, my standards for putting stuff out is pretty low, but at least that allows me to put stuff out.

I believe that I am at least 10% better at talking on camera than I was before. Just 1% every day. And that's enough for me. It's given me the ability to not clam up whenever a camera is put in front of me.

Thanks for reading!